Bones will save the world!

I’m not what you call a paranoid dog but some things I read give me a bit of an itch, a little voice at the back of my underused brain that says: “There’s something not quite right here…” I’m not the sort of dog that is into conspiracy theories, most of them are a bit out there if you know what I mean, although I occasionally look into deep geopolitics (I know, I surprise myself sometimes), I think I’m just a cynical mutt.

This caught my eye this morning: Earth In Crisis As Wildlife Numbers Plummet and straight away I thought “ah, another load of sensationalist garbage.” But then that itch started again, something’s very wrong. I get this feeling that the environmentalists are the biggest threat to the skins on this planet, little snippets surface with some very famous and influential people going on about over-population, that is a very, very scarey concept; what do you do about over-population? De-populate.

Bill Gates is one of the loudest voices out there, the Gates foundation is busily vaccinating millions in Africa against polio. In this short video clip he talks about reducing the population. The vaccinations themselves are not doing what it says on the tin. He’s not a very nice skin if this is true and I’ll leave you to make up your own mind on that.

Al Gore, the champion of global warming, might have been telling a few fibs, read the evidence and decide for yourself.

That loveable rogue Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh has stated that if he is reincarnated he wants to return as a deadly virus, I feel sorry for the corgis.

Now I’m not denying that there is a problem with pollution, global warming or climate change or any of the other things that you skins are worried about; all I am suggesting is that there might be some very nasty people who think nothing of doing the most despicable acts imaginable to take advantage of situations. Perhaps there are too many people on this planet but who gets to decide who lives and who dies? What is the criteria that means you get to join the line on the left or the line on the right? Race? Creed? Colour? Credit rating?

I ask one thing, read both sides of the story and make your mind up, you’ve got a search engine, have a look.


11 responses to “Bones will save the world!

  1. In the -not so- old days, “people” “dealt” with “over-population” by making wars. Well, today we have more “clever” methods! My dear Bones, we’re going downwards and I fear irreversibly so… and my problem with this is that we’re taking the innocent -like you- down with us… Unfortunately conspiracy theories are true [and then some!] so my only hope is BONES FOR PRESIDENT!

    • My friend, if I took office I would move heaven and earth to not let you or my other pals down, I’d make you all proud of me.
      We can only change things by telling others and hoping that they see the light and tell still more.

    • I’m not that political, I just say as I see and bark out if I sniff injustice. Thanks for the vote but I’m not bothered about the cats, they won’t have it so easy if I ever did come to power…hehehehe

  2. Mankind is the same in essentials as it was at the very beginning Bongo. The only real thing that has changed is the capacity and technology to exploit people, the environment and animals 😦

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