Bones v the zombies

When I was a puppy, for those of you that remember that far back, I told you about falling asleep and waking up to be confronted by my first zombie. It wasn’t a real one of course, it was on tv: mom and dad were watching “The Walking Dead”. But I didn’t know and I woke up to see a close up shot of this undead thing staring at me with lifeless eyes. You’ll remember I growled a warning to it which made my family laugh and me a bit embarrassed. Zombies don’t exist, they’re just figments of the imagination of skins like George A. Romero and Mark Tufo…..aren’t they

Ok, well check this story out. In a place called Miami a skin was shot by police as he chewed the face off some other skin. Both of them were in the nip (pardon the pun), that means naked by the way if you’re not familiar with the slang.

The report says that the police told him to behave himself but he growled at them and carried on chewing, eating his nose and eyeballs! yeeeeuch!!! Then they shot him but it didn’t stop him so they carried on shooting until he was killed; what are the odds on the kill shot having to be to the head? Remember the only way to put them down permanently is to destroy the brain or seperate the head from the neck.

This is it, this is how it always starts. The beginning of the zombie apocalypse, be ready, be prepared: you skins are about to lose your place as the dominant species, top of the food chain. I’m going to sit in the front window and guard the house – Bones is prepared, are you?

19 responses to “Bones v the zombies

  1. I have a furiend who is also in training for the upcoming zombia apocalypse and tells me all about how he is preparing every time I see him! He has also made me watch the Walking Dead for survival lessons and got very annoyed that I was more interested in my noms! At least I now know two zombie survival experts – I will be safe!! phew

    (Yes I am assuming that when said zombie apocalypse occurs your only thought will be to ensure I am safe BOL!)

      • Well in theory (i will be hidding behind you both shouting words of encouragement and reminding you to aim for the head – i think that’s the right bit!) oh dear looks like it’s back to school for me! BOL

    • You never know. But the way the economy is going it might be an idea to get a few extra tins of baked beans, spam etc. Nothing spicy that others can smell though, your neighbours might get hungry…!

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