Alfie the hero

There coms a time in every dog’s life where you have to stand up and be counted, otherwise the world can just sort of roll over you, leave you flat. Self respect gone. All of us face a moment like this and who we are is determined by how we face it. The other day was Alfie’s moment.
There’s big dog lives near us and sometimes comes down to the fields where we run. He’s a very large German Shepherd, bigger than all of us and likes to show it; he’s a bully.
On a few occasions he’s been nasty to Alf who has shyed away, this GSD is twice the size of Alf and easily double his weight, as I’ve told you before, Alfie is a skinny lad. Jess has growled at him to leave Alfie alone once or twice but even she knows to keep her distance. Poor Alf puts his tail between his legs and hides behind mom.
I haven’t seen this dog around for a while because he seems to prefer walking in the nearby park, in fact I haven’t seen him over the fields since I was a puppy, knee high to a high knee. Anyway, the other day we’re ust entering the fields and this big lump is there. He spotted me first and thought that I’d be an easy victim, being only a little fella. He came bounding towards me, barking his head off that he was going to turn me inside out blahblahblah; well, my friends , as you know Bones does not back down – ever! I started trotting towards him, a low murmur starting in my throat. Let’s just see what he’s got.
Next thing I knew, there was a black blur in the corner of my eye and the most menacing growl I’ve ever heard. Alf ran at this monster and jumped on him! His sharp white teeth biting down on the monster’s back, a crazed look in his eye. Before you could say “Jack the giant killer” the monster was off across the field not looking all that monstrous any longer, with Alf snapping at his tail.
When we got home, I lay down next to Alfie, my big brother, and listened to his breathing as he drifted off to sleep, it wasn’t long before I joined him there.
True courage isn’t about not being scared, its about knowing you’re scared but facing up to it anyway. It’s about looking the demon in the eye and saying “or what?” My big brother Alfie will always be my hero, even though he was scared of the monster, there was no way he was going to let it get me. (I didn’t really need help, I think I could have took him, but don’t tell Alf that!)

25 responses to “Alfie the hero

  1. Oh, Bones what a great and moving story! Of course you could have easily dealt with the beast yourself, but to see Alfie defend you in such a brave way was a big lesson indeed! Knowing when to stand up and face your fears requires wisdom. Give a big kiss and a hug to Alfie from me [too] and to you for growing up in such a loving environment!

  2. Oh, Bones, you have such a good friend in Alfie. I wish he was here when I got bullied….it wasn’t good. I left and now that park is off-limits (as far as I’m concerned).

    • Bullies are cowards who are trying to cover up their own inadequacies. Trust me, fight back and they slink off. If not, well at least you had a damned good go!

  3. Sweet Bones we are so happy that both you and Alfie are safe. What a sweet scene we pictured in our mind as we read that you laid down beside Alfie and listened to his breathing as he drifted off to sleep and then you fell asleep. We think the both of you are heroes. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Alfie is a hero! You are absolutely right Bones – its about knowing you’re scared but facing up to it anyway. I’m fortunate because I’m a big dog so other dogs usually keep their distance. I can also truthfully say that I have never been aggressive towards another dog and I am proud of that fact.

    • Yep, I’d rather be friends and play with other dogs but play fighting obviously hehehe. Sadly (for them) some dogs see a little fella like me and think I’m easy pickings. What a surprise it is for them when they’re running round the fields with me attached to their soft bits!

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