Losing hope for humanity

http://m.birminghammail.net/ms/p/tmg/bhammail/sXr6Ew3mzA7jeYwLOTEbaHw/view.m?id=4596167&tid=638956&cat=Top_Stories I sit and scratch my head sometimes when I see stories like this. When someone reaches a point so low that they could consider suicide their only way out, that’s such a tragedy. But for moronic onlookers to encourage them to jump????!!!!!!?????? What has this society come to? Or have I slept through the tipping point where normal society broke down, when the rules of decency became outdated and ignored en masse? Why didn’t you wake me? If you have a God to pray to, please spare a thought for this poor soul. Put in a good word for him, eh?

11 responses to “Losing hope for humanity

  1. Unbelievable what some people do in the name of fun or entertainment. They just have no regard for human life. So sad and how do they sleep at night. Prayers go up for this man, family and friends. Hugs

  2. Oh, Bones, we’re going very wrong! I can certainly not judge that poor person. Only he knew why, so I wish he’s found peace. As for the idiots… world is suffocating with them. I think it’s them who need our prayers so that maybe something good enters that void for brains…

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