Support Lennox from Belfast

One of my best friends, Marina Kanavaki, sent me this link:

I hadn’t heard about this but apparently one of our furry brothers has been put on death row in Belfast and has been there for two years, just because they say he looks like a pitbull. They measured him and from those measurements they have ascertained that he is a dangerous dog and should be destroyed.

The dog in question, Lennox, has never attacked anyone, has never shown aggression and is not even a pitbull, he’s a labrador/american bulldog cross and he is a family pet; a pet that is so loved by his family, they are prepared to pay thousands of pounds in court fees to bring him home.

A petition to spare his life has been signed by many thousands around the world yet it is ignored by the courts. Here is the latest from the Belfast Telegraph where even Northern Ireland’s First Minister joins the masses calling for justice.

How can this go on? Measuring a dog to determine if it is dangerous? That’s ridiculous – what genius came up with that gem? This reminds me of the stain of social darwinism in the 19th and 20th centuries when white supremecists resorted to skull measurement to prove they were higher on the evolutionary ladder than other races.

I’m asking all my friends around the world to support Lennox and get the lawmakers to take a fresh look at revising or repealing the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991


18 responses to “Support Lennox from Belfast

  1. Thank you Bones for posting this! As far as I’ve read so far, Lennox is still alive! I was also very happy to hear that expert dog trainers and behaviorists like Victoria Stilwell and Cesar Millan are supporting him!

      • I hoped you wouldn’t have to grow this way sweet Bones. I am very sorry I brought it to your attention. Even I sometimes avoid matters concerning animal cruelty because 1. they are TOO MANY and TOO CRUEL and 2. they only make me a misanthropist even more than I ever was!

  2. I read Lennox’s story and am appalled at what the dog wardens did and are continuing to do. I signed the petition and will follow the story. Thanks for sharing this news, awful as it is.

  3. I don’t support what has happened to Lennox. But I also believe that we have to address the problem of irresponsible dog ownership, and until we provide officials with viable alternatives, BSL will continue.

    • It’s such a shame. Unfortunately we aren’t all lucky enough to have responsible owners, why they take it out on the dogs I don’t know. The owners who let dogs go feral or even teach them to be aggressive should be the ones put down. A rehabilitation programme for our wayward brethren is a much better idea.

  4. I need a link for this article if possible to put onto my website, I have an animal website and would like to place this right there !!!
    I am myself an owner of 5 Cocker spaniels and have family members that own staffies although stated Lennox is not a full staffie, we ourselves have had traumas with our own dogs when bringing them to UK to settle from South Africa, All animals are so special in this world how can people treat them with such dis- respect,
    They have helped us through wars/helped us through illness/ and given love to so many people and children, it’s the handlers that need educating into how to bring our furry friends up…
    What a disgrace this animal world is and the people who don’t know how to rear them…
    I just hope and prey that Lennox is going to be freed to live a normal and happy life that he really deserves, this is murder if he dies…

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