A new theme for Bones’ Diary

I got up this morning feeling like it was time for a change. I’ve been writing this inane drivel – I mean lierary masterpieces of the modern era – for almost a whole year, ever since July 29th 2011 when I wrote “Bones’ Diary – THE BEGINNING”. There was a little post before that, but I don’t consider it to be the first one, the one where I said: “Hello world, I’m Bones.”

So I’ve changed the theme on my site. I really like it, reminds me of that time last year when dad took me on holiday to the beach by the biiiiiig pond. Thinking back to that makes me misty eyed, or at least it would if I weren’t as tough as old boot leather! hehehehe

Let me know what you think of my new look site, you know I love reading comments from my friends all around the world.

21 responses to “A new theme for Bones’ Diary

  1. Sweet Bones we are liking the new look very much. Blue is a great color and one of our favorites. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Yes it is nice. I have to be careful with blue and steer away from royal blue because that’s the colour of the Birmingham City shirt, dad would not be pleased if it was that shade…..yeuch

  2. I like this! It’s clean, and not cluttered like some blog pages are. I’ve been looking around for a new look myself. Is this a WordPress theme?

    • Hi Rumpy, yes it’s a wordpress theme. I used to have ‘mystique’ but had grown tired of that so I clicked on the theme tab on the dashboard and scrolled through the options.

      • Good idea, take away their advantage!! You know if got your back if you need me, and will offer my support and barks of encouragement from behind this sofa! BOL

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