Inspiration to follow your dreams

I’ve just read this fantastic little ebook by a skin called Justin Troupe about following your dreams. He loves travelling and he’s intent on going all around the world and photographing it. I love a good walk but that seems a bit far for my little legs!

One day he just upped sticks and went to live in the caribbean with just $300 in his pocket. Fair play to him. But the point is he had a dream and against all advice he followed it.

Check out his website by following the link above. And here’s a link to his ebook – there’s no opt-in or anything, it’s just free. And trust your pal Bones, it’s well worth a read.


Lennox Rest in Peace

My friends, it is with a heavy heart that I inform you that this morning in Belfast, Lennox was taken from this cruel world to run in the far away fields.

I cannot find words to express how I feel so I’m not going to bother trying.  As the song goes: In death if not life he’ll have peace while he sleeps.

Bones x5

Just a quick entry. It’s getting harder to find time on dad’s computer as he’s always on it…..get a life dad!

Ok so your old pal Bones is heading across the fields at the bottom of the road with Chunky Jess and Skinny Alf. We’d been out for quite a while and it was getting time to head off home.

Suddenly, from around the corner came a skin we didn’t know, and with him was an entire pack of Bones! Five Border Terriers, all of them looked like me, although they were a bit younger. They saw us and charged all at the same time; I turned to Jess and Alf and said, “we might have our paws full with this lot,” but they were gone. The cowardly curs had taken one look at this fast approaching wave of fur and teeth and thought better of making a stand.

I was shocked they were running, “Where are you going?” I barked.

Alf looked back over his shoulder and yelled back, “One of you is bad enough!” He went up another gear and left Jess trailing behind as they raced to hide behind mom.

I couldn’t believe it, I looked back at this unruly border rabble as they approached. Each of them yapping “Fight me!” “No fight me!” “Don’t fight him, fight me!” I suddenly realised that I might need to find a better place to sort this lot out – I didn’t want to get surrounded. I needed to get my tail up against something solid so they couldn’t outflank me. I did the only thing I could, and that was make a tactical retreat – with these five lunatics in hot pursuit. I turned when I reached mom.

Eventually the skin and my mom were able to seperate the ensuing melee and we parted company. As we headed off home, Jess and Alf were barking: “see what you stupid terriers are like? You just don’t care do you?” Alf said.

“You don’t give us any peace, always wanting to fight, well now you’ve had a taste of your own medicine,” Jess added haughtily tossing her head.

“That’s not true,” I protested, “I’m not like that! And don’t bark at me like that…unless you want a fight?” I  jumped up and nipped her jowls, just to show her I’m not one to be messed with.

Time running out for Lennox

For those of us following the case of our brother Lennox in Belfast, this story appeared in the Belfast Telegraph today:

Family admits defeat in battle to save death row dog Lennox

I’m really annoyed, like foaming at the mouth angry. This is murder! I really thought the skins would see sense after the public outcry that has spread around the world.

It has not been a good day for me to be honest. The above news was not welcome and added to a great sadness in my heart as I have just found out that my friend Trevor has gone to run in the far away fields. I knew his time was coming but that doesn’t make it any easier. My thoughts are with his family.

That’s all really, don’t want to write any more today.