Scum of the earth

Dad came home angrier than I had seen him ever. He wasn’t ranting and raving but his face was stiff. It was a bit scarey, I was trying to think what I might have done to get him like this but for once it wasn’t my fault.

From what I can gather from overheard conversation, my dad’s aunt, who is pushing 90 or something like that, has had visitors. Dad was informed by one of her neighbours that some unsavoury looking skins had been up on her roof. Dad told her not to have anything to do with them if they came back and if there was a problem with the roof he’d get his friend to go up there because he is a proper roofer.

Sometimes auntie doesn’t listen to my dad so he told his sister to talk to her. When dad went down to visit his aunt on saturday the police were there talking to his sister. Apparently these skins had come back, had gone back on the roof, done next to nothing to correct a problem with the ridge tiles that didn’t exist in the first place, then charged her £1,100!!!! Not only did she get ripped off for all that money, they went into her house and had the cheek to steal and eat chocolate from her fridge!

One of the neighbours had taken the registration of their van but when the policeman called it in, there was no record of ownership, no tax and no insurance records. Basically they are long gone.

I urge all my friends who read this to be vigilant, please take extra care of your elderly neighbours because there are alot of bad skins out there who were born without morals or conscience and think nothing of preying on the vulnerable.