A gift from Mother Nature

I am not being cocky when I write this but the truth is plain to see: I am a perfect machine. Mother Nature has made me this way. Sometimes the old girl makes mistakes and we get aberrations like Jess and Alf, but usually she gets things right.

I have bright eyes that let me see for miles, even without them my nose is so sensitive that I can picture the world around me just from scent. My ears can pick up the slightest sound and my brain is instantly alert. My fur is thick and wirey, it keeps me warm in the harshest of conditions and protects me from brambles and suchlike. I have a deep, broad chest that contains a heart that is so strong that I have almost limitless stamina. My legs are short but incredibly strong. I can run as fast and as far and jump as high as an olympian thanks to my broad, powerful hindquarters.

Therefore I resent my dad saying things like: “Hasn’t Bones got a fat arse?”

8 responses to “A gift from Mother Nature

  1. I think he is just jealous that you are a better specimen of a male than him!! Don’t let it bother you and juts be thankful that he will be first top fall at the zombie apocalypse!

  2. Hi Bones! We havent forgotten you and apologise for taking so long to visit. Work has been a royal pain lately…. But we are catching up. A fat arse? Ginger says when he is sleeping give him a closeup view.. heheheheh hmmm… dad is not happy about this comment so I am pushing the send button before he changes it….

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