The Border on the border

I was watching the news on tv with my dad, I love doing that because he tends to shout at the screen more often, it’s so funny. So on the news it said that there is this thing going on between the two Koreas. The lads up in the North are getting cranky over the lads down in the South playing games with some American lads – did I get that right? So why won’t they let the Northerners play? What sort of game is it? I hope it involves a ball or tug rope.

Seriously though, I have got a toe on the geopolitical pulse. If my neighbour was messing about in his garden, banging on the fence, shouting insults and occasionally showing his bare backside atop the fence – wouldn’t I want to jump over said fence and sink my teeth in said bare backside? (I just want it known that this is a hypothetical scenario, my nieghbours are not the type of people who would show off their backsides, bare or not.)

All I am saying is: STOP WINDING THEM UP! They’re paranoid enough, they have a new boss who might not be politically astute and is possibly unused to diplomacy and, if truth be told, is a cartoonists dream. Scale down the war games and stop flying planes that are capable of dropping nuclear weapons so close to the border. The US spat their dummy out in the sixties and nearly pushed the button when the Soviets were going to place missiles in Cuba, they know what it is like to be threatened.

Ask yourself this: do you need me to go and sort this mess out? Do you really want this Border on that border?


By the way, anyone who reads my dad’s blog will know that one of his family has published a book on Amazon called Crystal Healing and the Human Energy Field by Marion McGeough from the British Academy of Reiki. Click that link today and you can still get it for free. All she asks in return is that you write a review for it on Amazon, tweet a link, like it on facebook, blog about it or reblog this post. Thanks.

Right that’s it my friends, I hear there’s trouble brewing in the living room between the collies so I’d better go sort it out. Peace.

Skins with tails?

So what’s next? Us walking them?

I’m not sure if this is the brightest or the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. Read the above and decide for yourself, leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

On the subject of the olympics

Just found this brilliant picture of Andy Murray’s border terriers wearing his medals. Well deserved my friends -you know what they say: “Behind every good skin is an even better dog!” Hmm, or did I just imagine someone said that?

Anyway check out the story:

Lennox Rest in Peace

My friends, it is with a heavy heart that I inform you that this morning in Belfast, Lennox was taken from this cruel world to run in the far away fields.

I cannot find words to express how I feel so I’m not going to bother trying.  As the song goes: In death if not life he’ll have peace while he sleeps.

Time running out for Lennox

For those of us following the case of our brother Lennox in Belfast, this story appeared in the Belfast Telegraph today:

Family admits defeat in battle to save death row dog Lennox

I’m really annoyed, like foaming at the mouth angry. This is murder! I really thought the skins would see sense after the public outcry that has spread around the world.

It has not been a good day for me to be honest. The above news was not welcome and added to a great sadness in my heart as I have just found out that my friend Trevor has gone to run in the far away fields. I knew his time was coming but that doesn’t make it any easier. My thoughts are with his family.

That’s all really, don’t want to write any more today.


Support Lennox from Belfast

One of my best friends, Marina Kanavaki, sent me this link:

I hadn’t heard about this but apparently one of our furry brothers has been put on death row in Belfast and has been there for two years, just because they say he looks like a pitbull. They measured him and from those measurements they have ascertained that he is a dangerous dog and should be destroyed.

The dog in question, Lennox, has never attacked anyone, has never shown aggression and is not even a pitbull, he’s a labrador/american bulldog cross and he is a family pet; a pet that is so loved by his family, they are prepared to pay thousands of pounds in court fees to bring him home.

A petition to spare his life has been signed by many thousands around the world yet it is ignored by the courts. Here is the latest from the Belfast Telegraph where even Northern Ireland’s First Minister joins the masses calling for justice.

How can this go on? Measuring a dog to determine if it is dangerous? That’s ridiculous – what genius came up with that gem? This reminds me of the stain of social darwinism in the 19th and 20th centuries when white supremecists resorted to skull measurement to prove they were higher on the evolutionary ladder than other races.

I’m asking all my friends around the world to support Lennox and get the lawmakers to take a fresh look at revising or repealing the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991


Bones will save the world!

I’m not what you call a paranoid dog but some things I read give me a bit of an itch, a little voice at the back of my underused brain that says: “There’s something not quite right here…” I’m not the sort of dog that is into conspiracy theories, most of them are a bit out there if you know what I mean, although I occasionally look into deep geopolitics (I know, I surprise myself sometimes), I think I’m just a cynical mutt.

This caught my eye this morning: Earth In Crisis As Wildlife Numbers Plummet and straight away I thought “ah, another load of sensationalist garbage.” But then that itch started again, something’s very wrong. I get this feeling that the environmentalists are the biggest threat to the skins on this planet, little snippets surface with some very famous and influential people going on about over-population, that is a very, very scarey concept; what do you do about over-population? De-populate.

Bill Gates is one of the loudest voices out there, the Gates foundation is busily vaccinating millions in Africa against polio. In this short video clip he talks about reducing the population. The vaccinations themselves are not doing what it says on the tin. He’s not a very nice skin if this is true and I’ll leave you to make up your own mind on that.

Al Gore, the champion of global warming, might have been telling a few fibs, read the evidence and decide for yourself.

That loveable rogue Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh has stated that if he is reincarnated he wants to return as a deadly virus, I feel sorry for the corgis.

Now I’m not denying that there is a problem with pollution, global warming or climate change or any of the other things that you skins are worried about; all I am suggesting is that there might be some very nasty people who think nothing of doing the most despicable acts imaginable to take advantage of situations. Perhaps there are too many people on this planet but who gets to decide who lives and who dies? What is the criteria that means you get to join the line on the left or the line on the right? Race? Creed? Colour? Credit rating?

I ask one thing, read both sides of the story and make your mind up, you’ve got a search engine, have a look.


Bones on guitar

This is a school exercise that was written by a young man called Jack, my dad’s cousin’s son. I believe young Jack is a regular reader of Bones’ Diary. Not many of you know I can play guitar; I’ll be dueting with Slash sometime soon. Well done Jack, this is excellent work. A+ (click on the image to enlarge it and you can read Jack’s work)

Scientist proves cats are criminals

The pioneering work of one brilliant scientist has at last isolated the gene that decides if a person is going to become a criminal, and found that it is a feline gene!

Professor Eman Puedam

The world of micro-biology has been rocked today by the news that a gene, believed previously to only be present in the DNA of cats, is the cause of all bad behaviour in humans. Professor Eman Puedam Fellow of the University of Brigadoon in Scotland (occasionally) said, “…cats and only cats are to blame for all the evil in the world. And they smell.” The British Prime Minister David Cameron called for calm as the nation took to the streets today to protest against these furry crooks; he said “I will of course look into these claims and if there is a case to be answered by cats and indeed cat-lovers, then answer it they shall.” He told the assembled press that anyone earning under the threshold of £26,000 p.a would not be allowed to keep a cat and would probably be imprisoned anyway for the good of the country.

In Washington, President Obama has announced that there is undeniable evidence that cats are being bred in Iran and exported to Hezbollah and others for use against Israel. He promised reprocussions if the UN cat inspectors are not allowed access to the cat breeding facilities in any country, in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Feline Non-Proliferation Treaty.


Meanwhile Vladimir Putin, who is widely suspected of once owning a cat while he was head of the KGB, has said that Russia will use their security council veto to prevent sanctions being imposed for alleged violations of international cat laws. The Chinese have, as yet, not made any comment but are believed to be monitoring the situation.