Top ten most hated cats

Now I’m not going to include Milly and Raffles in this list because that would be pointless as you don’t know them and would only be taking my word as to what complete gits they are. So I’ve wasted valuable chewing time putting this list together of the most annoying cartoon cats.

10)  Tom from Tom & Jerry is one of the most tolerated cats on my list because the mouse makes him look stupid, and the dog batters him – the way things should be.







9) Sylvester is a fool who is always getting outwitted by a bird called Tweetie-Pie, for heaven’s sake! “I tort I taw a puddy cat.” Pathetic








 8) The Aristocats. Trying to make cats seem more human is wrong on so many levels, especially when it comes to courting. This is not a scratch on The Lady and the Tramp.






  7) Cats. A musical about cats? Skins actually paid to see this rubbish. In fact dad has never forgiven mom for making him watch this rot in London.









  6) Garfield. Always picking on the dog, if there was ever a cat that needed a bite on the butt, it’s this fat, lazy lump. Who ever heard of a cat eating lasagne?







  5) Heathcliffe. A poor mans Garfield?








  4) Snagglepuss. “Heavens to murgatroyd” it’s a pink mountain lion. I tried to stick to cartoon domestic cats, but this one just makes me growl.







  3) The Cheshire Cat. I’ve never been to Cheshire, but if all the cats grin like nutters then I don’t want to go.







  2) Puss in Boots. Who does he think he is? It’s Garfield with a sword. Mr in  Boots, trust me when I tell you that I would take that sword off you, insert it into your bottom and turn you into a big, fat, ginger lollipop.








  1) And the winner of the most annoying cat in the world, ever is…… Top Cat. Top of what? You live in a bin you four-pawed turd. If I ever find myself in your alley, you and your gang are looking for somewhere else to whine. An unfunny cartoon cashing in on the popularity of Sergeant Bilko in The Phil Silvers Show, similar to the way The Flintstones was a rip-off of The Honeymooners. Remember what I said about Hollywood having no fresh ideas? You can tell if something is not funny, they have to use canned laughter to remind the dumb skins at home when they’re supposed to laugh.


So there you have it, some of the most annoying cats ever to have been created. What a waste of time. Obviously you’ll have your own ideas and particular cats you loathe. Drop me an email at and I’ll post any lists you send me. Remember your top ten can be on any subject you like.

Be good!