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I wanted to show you the present that dad bought me. The new tag for my collar, bone shaped of course, that came from one of my very best friends in the whole wide world: the great artist Marina Kanavaki.

Sorry the picture isn’t that clear but you know I don’t sit still when I’m told to. Anyway, thanks Marina – love you!!!

Even the Dog-Botherer’s getting involved. Support around the world has been phenomenal, just hope the skins see sense and spare our brother Lennox.
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We should be worried….


The private bankers and insurance companies are at it again. Tell me again, who runs the world? Why, the private bankers of course. They own and operate ‘our elected officials’ that own and operate us. Okay, so Goldman Sacs is taking over Europe, and their elections may differ from America… still, getting screwed is getting screwed no matter whose flag is flying. The people, Worldwide, need to band together and do something, lest these bankers own us all.  And let us not forget our friends at the Federal Reserve, and the IMF, that keep us all in debt, and taxed through the wazoo, as we compare who’s behind the world’s financial woes.

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In September 2008, Henry Paulson, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, managed to extort a $700 billion bank bailout from Congress. But to pull it off, he had to fall on his knees and threaten the collapse…

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Do we all look so insane when we swim?



“Ruff Water” – Los Angeles, CA – Seth Casteel – Featured Photographer

Ok, today’s post might be a bit late because these photos have been circulating around the internet like crazy and crashing Seth’s webpage with boatloads of hits. He has a dozen or so photos that will make you smile even if you are a cat person.   So after you get a taste of the really unique images below head on over to his website at for the full course.  By the way,  Seth isn’t just a talented photographer, but he is a really cool guy also.  He volunteer’s his talents to take photos of shelter pets increasing their chances of adoption. Great work Seth!  His company is based out of LA and Chicago, but is available nationwide.  To keep tabs on his latest plans keep in touch with him at

Now that you…

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Please read this as a follow-up to the reblog I did yesterday. It shows how there are always two sides to every story; the dog owner is obviously unfit to keep dogs.


I’m deviating slightly in the format of my follow-up Friday post.  Normally I start with earlier posts and work my way forward, today I am starting with yesterday’s post, “Has The World Gone Crazy?” 

First I have to apologize to you, I saw the article on facebook and read a blog, which got me fired up and I wrote my blog post.  What I didn’t do was my research.  I should have looked to see if there was more to the story and unfortunately there was. 

My dear friend at 2 Brown Dawgs who lives in Michigan and apparently not too far from Royal Oaks, found the following two articles.  Feel free to read them yourself and make your own conclusions. 

Banish, euthanize or what?

City of Royal Oak, The People vs Spalding

Here is a quick summary. 

Apparently there were two dogs being walked by the girlfriend of the…

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I know the Aztec calendar stops in 2012 and Doomsday predictors say the world will end, but did any of them mention the world would go crazy in the meantime?

Last week I wrote about Justice For Putz, you may remember Putz, he was the pitbull that was euthanized in Michigan for biting a man who was going to harm his mistress.  Rather than choose a number of other options, the town decided to go with their original plan and euthanized poor Putz.

As I posted about Putz, 2 Brown Dawgs left me a comment making me aware of another pitbull euthanized in Michigan.  Ace was picked up in an Ace Hardware store, and due to liability issues, the City…

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